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My mother loved Tarot cards and collected them her whole life. She bought them from all over the world. Some she chose because they were beautiful to her. Some she chose because they were artists she loved. And some she chose because they were valuable collectors items.

On December 17th she passed away. We are hoping to sell some of her collection to help pay the associated bills.

There are a lot to choose from, listed in no particular order. Please let me know if you're interested in purchasing. I will update the list as I continue to go through her boxes. I will be updating ebay as much as I can. If there's a specific deck you're interested in please let me know and I'll take pictures. Reasonable offers accepted.



Hanson-Roberts illustrated by Mary Hanson Roberts

Tarot of the Journey to the Orient, Art by Severino Baraldi

Tarot d'Eltynne de Medlindaf

Ukiyoe Tarot by Koji Furuta usgamesinc.com

Egyptian Tarot illuminarte.net 7798161649949

Tarot Illustrated Jacqui Mair, Sterling publishing Co., Inc

Grand Etteila Egyptian Gypsies Tarot, B. P. Grimaud, made in France

The Tarot of the Sphynx by Silvana Alasia copyright Lo scarabeo, Totino made in Italy 9780738700090

Ibis Tarot by Josef Machynka 3-905021-57-9 German description on back

Sacred Sites Tarot Massimiliano Filadoro, art by Federico Penco, Lo Scarabo

Tarot of Transition, distributed by Carta Mundi, Turnhout, Belgium usgamesinc 

The Labyrinth Tarot, Luis Royo, nhfournier.es fournier@nhfournier.es 8420707328528

Tarot de Marrakech, Colleuil & Valadie in French gkomm diffusion 3760193120004

Tarotdemarrakech.com contact@tarotdemattakech.com 

Marseille Cat Tarot by Severino Baraldi

Lo scarabeo isbn10-8865272899. Isbn13-9788865272893


Marie-Louise Bergoint

Klaus Holitzka

Diamond Tarot


Isbn 1572811188


The Golden Rider 

13:. 9780880795500

China Tarot, art by Der Jen, Lo Scarabo


Sharp point press

The Wizard Tarot, no box no artist name

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards, by Christine Filipak

Monolith graphics 9780967575636

Kartya & Konyv 9789634653387

Tarot of Atlantis, by Bepi Vigna, art by Massimo Rotundo

Lo Scarabo 9780738704647

Old England Tarot by Maggie Kneen, US games


Renaissance Tarot Deck, Brian Williams

US games


Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

US games


Esoteric Ancient Tarots, Lo Scarabo


Petrak Tarot



Decameron Tarot by Giacinto Gaudenzi

Lo Scarabo 9788883951763

Cat's eye tarot be Debra m giving DVM

US games

9781572816855 (or 856, isbn 10)

Collector’s Edition Affirmation for the Everyday Goddess 9780615240497

Tarot El Bosco

Lo Scarabo

The Archeon Tarot, US games, by Timothy Lantz 9781572814882

Crystal Tarot, Elisabetta Trevisan

La Scarabo


King Solomon Oracle Cards, by Itzhak Mizrahi and Orna Ben-Shoshan

9781572816664(or 66x isbn 10)

Oracle Belline Jeu, Concu et Dessine par Edmond vers 1845

Tarot of Reflections, Lo Scarabo

Francesco Ciampi


Maroon Tarot, no box short deck

Art by Tomasz Maronski. Kartytarota.pl 

Tarot Egipcio, Spain, Trumps only, no box

Pantoulas Tarot Set

“A surrealistic view within the human soul”

by George Pantoulas

www illustration.gr 2012

Das Universal Tarot, byMaxwell Miller

Not karten set 

Esoterisches wissen


Abysmal tarot / Tarot de l'abime


Enoil Gavat Tarot

Esperienze del Tarocchi


Enoil Gabat


The Pomo Tarot

Brian Williams

Harper Collins

A post modern deck for navigating the next millennium


Omnis Mundi Creatura Quasi Liber et Pictures bonus est in speculum 

Nostrae vitae nostrae mortis nostri status nostrae sortis fidele signaculum 

Alano di Lilla 1128 CA - 1202

El Tarot de Los Orishas (The Tarot of the Orishas) Spanish Edition

Trae la magia y El misterio

By Zolrak


Gustave Dore Bible Tarot

Pyro Skin A.I. Company pyroskun.com.ua

Touchstone Tarot

Kat Black



The Key to the Kingdom 

Tony Meeuwissen

Transformation playing cards and book of verse



Velká Arkána Tarot

Velka Arkana Tarotu

Bohumil vurm autor encyklopedie tarotu

Tarot ReVISIONed, by Leigh j McCloskey, olandar.com 

The New Palladini Tarot

David Palladini


Golden Tarot 


Tarot Piatnik Wien, Vienna 1975

(aka Piatnik Wien Tarot, Pointner Tarot)

Faszination intuition sator arepo tenet Opera rotas 

By Rudoplh Pointner

Steampunk Tarot


Egyptian Tarot Cards, by the Church of Light

Brotherhood of Light Egyptian

C.C. Zain (Author), Vicki Brewer (Illustrator)

New Wave Tarot, by Amanda Lee Stilwell

Silver Era Tarot

Aunia Kahn (Illustrator), Russell J Moon (author)

Schifferbooks.com 9780764334382 

I Tarocchi Garnier Belle Color

Tarocchi Garnier Belle Color

Garnier Belle Color Tarocchi

By Antonella Castelli

Scoprillo con

I Tarocchi

Tarot de Paris

Collection de la bibliotheque nationale 

The Angels Tarot, By Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Robert Michael Place


Tarot Maconnique 

Masonic tarot deck

Baptiste Paul Grimaud


Papus Tarot Deck, Stuart R Kaplan 

Giordano Berti

Patrizio Evangelistic


Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot

The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn


Los Scarabeo

Alba digital digitalen aufbruchs l'aube numerique

Know the Future, Osiris cards, Bev Craig


American Obscura Tarot

1st and only limited edition of 50

$225 only edition with all 78 cards

Misha Huntting

Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza


I Tarocchi Della Cattedrale

The Tarot of the Cathedral of Modena

By Federico Manicardi, Palrizia Curti, Walter Martinelli 9771827595680

Tarot for Cats: Unlock the Mysteries of Your Nine Lives

Regen Dennis (Author), Kilpling West (Illustrator)


Demeroticon. Ein Arkana Tarot, by Darkidol


Universal Fantasy Tarot, by Paolo Martinelli


Tarot of the sweet twilight, by Cristina Benintende

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

(Also known as Tarot of Sweet Twilgth)

9780738718548 18545

Dream Inspirational Cards


Aquarian Tarot, by David Palladini

1st edition 1970



2 decks available, one is 1st edition and the other isn't

The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed, by Robert M Place


2 decks available

The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery

Robert M Place



The Gothic Tarot, by Joseph Vargo


Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck, by Roger Calverley




The Wonderland Tarot


Knapp-Hall Tarot

Maybe 3rd edition

New condition

2 decks available

Transformational Tarot

Arnell Ando

ISBN: 1-57281-539-6

© 2005 US Games Systems, Inc

Dreaming Way Tarot

Rome Choi, Kwon Shina

ISBN-13: 978-1-57281-712-8

ISBN-10: 1-57281-712-7

© 2012 US Games Systems, Inc

The Tragically Comic or Comically Tragic Tarot of Mister Punch

© 2015 Duck Soup Productions

The Goddess Tarot

Kris Waldherr

ISBN-13: 978-1-57281-066-2

ISBN-10: 1-57281-066-1

© 1998 US Games Systems, Inc

Xultun Tarot the Maya Tarot Deck

Peter Balin

© 1976 Arcana Publishing Co.

Dante Tarot

Giordano Berti, Andrea Serio

ISBN-13: 978-8883951688

ISBN-10: 8883951689

© Lo Scarabeo


Nuevo Tarot de las Hadas

© Lo Scarabeo

Aquarian Tarot

David Palladini

© 1970 Morgan Press, Inc

Millennium Tarot

Dorothy Simpson Krause, Marina Dubois

ISBN: 0-9755007-0-8

© 1994 Viewpoint Studios




© 2013

The Gothic Tarot

Leilah Wendell

Third Printing - 2003

© 1998-2003 Westgate Press

ISBN: 0944087108

The Gothic Tarot

Leilah Wendell

First Printing - 1998

Limited Edition #87 of 1000 - SIGNED

© 1998-2003 Westgate Press

ISBN: 0944087108


Dayan to Tashiru no Oji

Akiko Ikeda

© 2008

ISBN: 978-4-12-205066-2


Tarot Madonni

© Ets. J.M. Simon 1981



Ancien Tarot de Marseille, Tarot of Marseilles

B.P. Grimaud


Thoth Tarot Deck

Aleister Crowley, Lady Frieda Harris

© 1978, 1983 US Games Systems, Inc

ISBN: 0-913866-15-6

Le Tarot des Templiers

Willy Vassaux

Imprimerie Cartiaux Pierard / Tarot, Editions DERVY

ISBN: 2850768634

The World of Playing Cards

Major Arcana

Russell Grant Astrology Club


Tarot de los Ovnis, UFO Tarot

Bepi Vigna, Arturo Picca

© Lo Scarabeo


ISBN-10: 0738711764

ISBN-13: 978-0738711768

Yes or No


Tarot de los Senores Animales, Tarot of the Animal Lords

Angelo Giannini

© Lo Scarabeo


ISBN-10: 0738704474

ISBN-13: 978-0738704470

Tarot de Marsella



R.N.E.: 020046118

Polish Tarot, Polski Tarot

Aleksandra Jasniak, Anna Galuszka

Trefl-Krakow sp. z o.o.

Fabio Listrani

Night Sun Tarot

© Lo Scarabeo


ISBN-10: 0738745324

ISBN-13: 978-0738745329

Vykladaci karty Ivy Huttnerove
Navod na hru
Vykladacie karty Ivy Huttnerovej
Navod ku hre
Obchodni tiskarny
Horovice, a.s.
Regula Elizabeth Fiechter
Mystical Lenormand
The Fortune Cards of Marie-Anne Lenormand
Painted by Urban Trosch
Art-Nr. 12.947
ISBN: 978-3-03819-043-1
© 2012 AGM Urania
The Lenormand Revolution
La Revolution Lenormand
Roz Foster
Carrie Paris
(Box slightly damaged)
Melissa Lenormand
Melissa Hill
1st Edition © 2010 Karmic Egg Publishing
$224.00 HWK
May 2014
The World Atlas of Divination
John Matthews
ISBN: 0-7472-7928-4
The Journal of an Artist
David Palladini
ISBN: 978-0-9833024-2-1
(Marilyn Monroe)
Edited by Stanley Buchthal and Bernard Comment
ISBN: 987-0-374-15835-4
Tarrocco degli animal Milano Italy
Di Osvaldo menegazzi

Tarot of pagancats tarot de Los Gatos paganos lo scarabeo tarot Der heidnischen katzen taros Des chats paiens 

Il matto serie originale realizzata da Osvaldo menegazzi es 1789/2000
Tera edizione

Il sole
Es 840/2000
See above, 2nd edition menegazzi

The royal fez Moroccan tarot
22 grand arcana 56 minor arcana
With a table of qabbalistic attributions referring to the tree of Life
The designs said To be derived from a 13th century Moroccan fortune telling pack
Rigel press LTD 

Orbo templi orientis Thoth tarot designed by aleister Crowley artist executant freida Harris
Hard box rare

Tarot of the imagination
Ferenc Pinter
Los scarabeo

Another royal fez Moroccan, lighter weight box, black .see above

Another royal fez also lighter box, orange see above

Dovilio brero "vivere una Vita"
Jeu de tarot la bateleur
Majors only

Shape shifter tarot. Home made box

Zombie tarot Oracle hard box large 
Isbn 9781594745690

Royal fez edition of 500 this is number 132

Cagliostro tarot deck us games systems
Stuart r Kaplan

Tarot du chat home made box

El Gran tarot esoterico Luis pena longa maritxu guler

Brotherhood of light Egyptian tarot
Created by the Church of light Vicki Brewer

Roi Des deniers vlaamse tarok van 1780
F.i. vandenborre 

Manara erotic tarot lo scarabeo

Secret tarot Los scarabeo 8883953983

Le tarot de Marseille sealed jodoroky 

Hiapo 296400350733 thin

Pie symbol ehopmah zao-gelii.narod.ru

II wisdom sarasvati
Kris waldherr us games
The pocket Goddess tarot deck

Harmonious tarot de la armonia
Lo scarabeo 9788883958359

Tarot of white cats Gatos Blanco's
9788883957376 lo scarabeo 

Tarot of saints oop new xox 1 card for front of box
Homemade box

Etruscam new home box

Oracle de l'infini
Fabrice gosset
27 cards contact@france-cartes.fr

Tarot de Alma ajo
22 arcanos mayores 
No box

The legendary 18th-century Oracle
Lenormand fortune-telling cards
Harold josten
Large box

The book of doors divination deck
An alchemical Oracle from ancient Egypt
Athon veggi and Alison Davidson
Includes 256 page book 8 side die, 65 full color cards in large box good condition

Old lenormand cards reproduction by Lauren ferestell

Oracle of shadow and light
Lucy Cavendish
Art by Jasmine becket-griffith

The old Arabian lenormand

Anna-marie Ferguson
Avalon tarot
Arthus und das mystische land Der seele
Large box includes mat and book

The antiquarian lenormand
#37 of 50 signed "maree" 
37 cards

Insectorum divinorum

Lenormand playing card deck 
Aquarius wellbeing Lynn Boyle
Booklet and cards no box, nice bag

36 cards Paris debono

Ilustrace Vladimir tesar
Vykladacie karty
Czech deck 36 cards

Kipperono Paris debono
Collage Oracle

Loteria-scrying poker gin
Fortune telling

Dame de caeur 32 cartes divinatories 
Epitre aux dames 

Lenormand de marfeilles
Illuminated edition
#56 of 150 
Signed by artist:
Edmund zebrowski 
No box

Alex beard playing cards

Paris debono gypsy tattoo card deck

I tarocchi del buongustaio
Los scarabeo bizzarro

B.p. grimaud
Petit etteilla
Chartier marteau and boudin Paris

Natalie rose winter solstice
Lenormand LTD

Stranger and stranger ultimate deck
Playing cards
Appears to be assorted artists

Bicycle the Persian empire playing cards

32 cartes superfine grimaud
belote piquet manille 

Karnival earthtone9 playing cards

Kendra's vintage Petit lenormand


Grand tarot belline

Reproduction of 1863 Edmund billaudot

Used, like new. 

Lachend das leben spielen

Flying hearts tarot 


Includes book

Art of Life by Charlene Livingstone

Includes display-box


The Dion fortune tarot cards


Das davinci enigma tarot

Caitlin Matthews 


The tarot of vampyres Ian Daniels



Korean Alice in wonderland tarot with book

Emile schenerazade Stella bon voyage

471986304589400450 app.com.tw

Egorov tarot gold edition no 1975

9001890197512 piatnik.com

The lost tarot of Nostradamus

 John Matthews will kinghan

Includes 160 page illustrated book


Gudrun dobratz basic tarot 


The secret language of birds

Adele nozedar Linda Sutton


Book only- the flight of feathered serpent


The mary-el tarot Marie white


The ring cycle Allegra printz

Illustrations adapted from Arthur Rackham

Based on Richard Wagner's the ring of the nibelung 9780764348174

The ferret tarot (bag no box)

Das tibetische orakel set aus bunch und 60 karten


The Shakespearean tarot

Dolores ashcroft-nowicki 

Paul Hardy

The Oracle of Dr john dee 

John Matthews and will kinghan


The demon tarot

The forbidden wisdom of the infernal dictionary Ariana Osborne 

Louis Breton 

Jacques auguste Simon Collin de plancy 


The new Orleans voodoo tarot

Louis martinis and Sallie Ann Glassman 


The enchanted tarot Amy zerner and Monte Farber 9781859061473

The atavist tarot Sally annett Rowena shepherd 



Barbara Moore

Steam punk tarot

Illustrated by Aly fell 

9780738726380 sealed new

The Victorian steampunk tarot

Liz Dean illustrated by Bev speight


Tarot Illuminati 

Erik c Dunne

With companion book by Kim huggens


Tarot den eigen weg entdecken

Die weisheit Der karten kennen lernen 


Pamela Colman Smith

Artist of the rider-waite tarot deck

Commemorative set featuring The Smith-waite tarot centennial edition deck


Elemental tarot Caroline Smith


The card and Rumi book pack

Created by eryk hanut and Michele wetherbee 9781885203953

The Grail tarot

A templar vision 

With cards illustrated by Giovanni caselli

John Matthews 9780312363451

The golden tarot the visconti-sforza deck

Mary Packard

The vampire tarot

Robert m plate


The quest tarot Joseph Ernest Martin

Sealed 9780738701955

Tarot of the cat people

Deck and book set by Karen kuykendall 


Tarocchi J22 trionfi 


Di Mauro capitani

The alchemical tarot Rosemary Ellen guiley

Robert m place

9781855383012 two in stock

The cosmic tribe tarot stevee postman 

Text by Eric ganther 


The lover's path tarot set by Kris waldherr

Creator of the goddess tarot

U.s. games systems

The Sherlock Holmes tarot

John Matthews and wil kinghan


Zoltar deck no box

The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot

Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony

Gilded Edges



Magna Veritas Tarot Colophon

Oblivion Brand / BoltCutter Design

No 49 of 100occ


Only 100 decks in print

Victoria Regina tarot78 cards, book, velvet bagSarah ovenallText by georg Patterson and Sarah ovenall1567185312

The wicked SibylIn a tin box

The day of the dead lenormandLimited edition Created by Edmund zebrowski#84 of 112SIGNED BY EDMUND ZEBROWSKI



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